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Bori: From Hungary to Germany

Join us in the latest podcast episode, where Bori, hailing from the enchanting city of Budapest, unveils her unique journey as the president of the International Society in Lüneburg. Gain valuable insights into the life of an international student...

How to Find a Student Job?

Looking for a student job in Germany? Look no further! In our latest podcast episode, we’ve got the guide for you. Meet Zafar Tilabov, a student in Germany who shares his invaluable insights and tips on navigating the German job market...

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Willkommen beim StudCast

Willkommen beim Studcast Leuphana! In der ersten Folge unseres Podcasts dreht sich alles um das Projekt Digital Transformation Lab for Teaching and Learning (DigiTaL), aus dem der Podcast „Studcast Leuphana“ entstanden ist.

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