How to Study in Germany

Every story deserves to be told and heard, especially ones that have travelled the world over.

A podcast made by and for international students: ‘How to Study in Germany’ features a multinational community of students, graduates and experts in various fields relevant to student life in Germany.

Listen for not only inspiration from our guests’ personal experiences during and after their studies in Germany, but also for official advice from professionals in their field. Among others, you will find answers and different perspectives on the following questions:

  • How to apply to German universities?
  • How to find accommodation in Germany?
  • How to learn German during my studies?
  • How to apply for a visa?
  • How to connect with people in a foreign country?
  • How to spend my free time by making use of the universities’ offers?
  • How to find a student job or employment after my studies in Germany?

Feel free to let us know in a short email about topics you think should be addressed in this podcast or if you would like to share your experience or know someone whose story should definitely be told!

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