From Kansas to Germany, Arielle tells us about her journey to and in Germany as a student in Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies.

First semester at university and already featured on German TV for an innovative project — How? Listen to Arielle’s experience after three semesters at a German college — spanning from a novel project to cultural differences between the US and Germany, opportunities to connect with other students and hilarious college memories.

0:55 Arielle’s journey to Germany
1:40 Five differences US vs. Germany
5:05 Reasons to stay and a timeline summary
6:22 Arielle’s pet-peeve of Germany and challenges of living abroad
11:20 A multitude of opportunities at university for students
15:00 What is it like studying Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies?—From favorite seminar to a feature in German TV
19:20 What is the Leuphana semester?
21:00 A hilarious and unforgettable memory as part of the student life
23:00 Arielle’s five-year vision

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