Exploring AStA: What is it? And why does it matter?

Episode 9


Whether you’re struggling to navigate the German university system, looking for resources to help you succeed academically, or seeking opportunities to socialize and connect with fellow students, AStA is here to help.

AStA: What is it? And why does it matter? Our latest podcast episode of “How to Study in Germany” features an informative interview with a representative of AStA at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, providing a comprehensive overview of the General Student Committee and the important role it plays in supporting and empowering students. In this episode, you will discover the inner workings of AStA, including its structure, initiatives, services, and societies that are designed to support students throughout their academic journey. You’ll learn about the importance of engaging with AStA and participating in student organizations to make the most of your university experience in Germany. 

Episode timeline

00:01 Intro

00:40 Max’s introduction

03:30 AStA’s services and offers

10:00 Student’s role at AStA

14:40 AStA’s newsletter

15:40 SemesterTicket

18:30 SemesterTicket Kultur

20:20 Freikarte (free card)

22:00 Advice for prospective students

23:30 Outro

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