Student life offers a unique chance to meet new people, explore diverse cultures, and engage in exciting initiatives. Don’t miss out on this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Immersing yourself in student life provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience diverse cultures firsthand. Many universities have vibrant international communities, offering you the chance to interact with students from around the globe. By engaging with individuals from different cultural backgrounds, you can learn about their traditions, languages, and unique perspectives.

Join Julia Bogusz and Laura Kitzki in our latest podcast episode as they discuss student initiatives and the fascinating nuances of studying in Germany. Tune in to discover the experiences awaiting you on campus. Embrace student life and unlock a world of possibilities!

Episode timeline

00:01 Intro

00:50 Laura’s introduction

01:30 Importance of networking

02:15 How Laura is trying to engage in student life?

09:20 Cultural scene of German cities

10:30 Hamburg as a student city

12:05 DJ’ing scene in Germany

12:50 Techno music on every German party

14:20 Wrap-up and outro

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