From Türkiye to Germany, Kubilay tells us about his journey to and in Germany as a student in the Bachelor program International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

Getting from language level A1 to C1 in one year? Kubilay tells you how it is done! From tips on how to tackle the German language and to networking as a means to find a job as an international student – Kubilay got you. He provides you with an unembellished report about leaving behind your friends and family in Türkiye to study abroad. Listen to his story to find out what advice he would give his younger self and others who want to take on this invigorating journey of moving to Germany.

00:01 Intro
01:00 Introduction Kubilay
02:00 What brought you to Germany & Leuphana? 
05:28 Cultural differences & pet peeves
08:30 Learning German and studying in a second language
12:52 International Business Administration at Leuphana
15:09 Looking back: Advice for young Kubilay and new applicants
18:30 On getting a job as an international student
23:24 How to connect with people by getting involved in student life
24:52 What made you decide on your Major?
28:09 Future “plans”
19:30 Outro

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