From Phoenix to Germany, Carli shares with us her story about having studied in a very unique Bachelor programme: The Studium Individuale (“individual studies”). 

How do you set up your own curriculum when there are barely any restrictions? The Studium Individuale teaches you how to think in new ways and get creative! Listen to Carli going more into detail about the contents of the programme as well as how she approached finding a job in Germany and what love has to do with all of that.

00:01 Intro
01:00 Introduction Carli
02:00 What brought you to Germany & Leuphana? 
04:32 What is the “Studium Individuale”?
07:40 Advising & finding a focus
08:40 On finding a job & following up!
12:25 The importance of speaking German
15:45 Differences between Phoenix & Germany
17:05 What made you stay? 
19:10 Carli’s favorite seminars at Leuphana
20:55 An anecdote from Italy
22:05 Ideas for the future
24:00 Finding resources as an international student
25:30 Outro

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