How to make new friends and settle in Germany?

Episode 5


Alena Tkacheva, a student in the third semester of Studium Individuale at the Leuphana university, tells us in the latest episode of the podcast How to study in Germany” how to meet and make friends with fellow international students, thanks to the opportunities offered by I:SI – International Students Initiative. In addition, she shares a story of her own journey from Saint Petersburg in Russia to Luneburg in Germany. Moreover, in this episode you’ll be able to find valuable info about tips on finding a job as a student, extracurricular activities, settling in, some cultural differences, and what she misses the most from her mother country!

Episode timeline 

00:01 Introduction

01:15 Alena – intro

06:10 Why Leuphana?

09:40 Finding student jobs

11:30 I:SI – International Students Initiative

18:00 Volunteer and extracurricular activities

20:19 What Alena misses the most about her home country

22:40 Closing remarks

25:30 Outro 

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