Join us for an inspiring episode featuring Refiye from Turkey. Discover her second bachelor’s journey in Germany, where she’s not just studying International Business Administration but also leading the International Society Initiative in Lüneburg. Refiye unfolds the art of connecting internationals and locals through vibrant events. Tune in for a narrative that blends academic pursuits, leadership, and the joy of fostering meaningful connections.

Episode timeline

00:01 Intro

01:00 Refiye’s introduction

01:20 Her educational journey

04:10 Her role as a leader of ISI

07:15 Finances and student jobs

08:40 Learning German

09:50 Adapting to a new lifestyle

13:20 What does being a global citizen mean for Refiye?

17:00 Cultural differences between Turkey and Germany

26:10 Advice on coming to Germany

28:10 Outro

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