Uncover the story of Bradley Ransom’s bold leap from Michigan to Germany in our latest podcast episode of “How to Study in Germany”. Witness his remarkable journey as he navigates a new language, delves into Arts and Cultural Management, and creates a meaningful impact through volunteer work.

This episode offers an exploration of cross-cultural experiences and personal growth. Tune in to gain valuable insights and be inspired by Bradley’s unique path toward professional fulfillment. 

Episode timeline

00:01 Intro

00:54 Bradleys introduction

03:00 Bradley’s online MA program in  Art & Cultural Management

04:00 What brought him to Germany?

05:00 Language learning abroad

07:00 Cultural differences between the USA and Germany

19:30 Modules of his program

12:00 Bradley’s work and volunteer experience

18:00 Bradley’s advice to prospective international students

20:20 Outro

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