In this episode, meet Dominica Gutierrez Hernandez, a driven student from Mexico pursuing her Economics degree at Leuphana University in Germany. Join us as we step into her world and discover her unique academic journey on ‘How to Study in Germany’.

We delve into Dominica’s life, exploring her transition from a Swiss school in Mexico to starting anew in Germany.

Episode timeline

00:01 Intro

00:45 Dominica’s introduction

01:15 What it was like to attend Swiss school in Mexico

02:10 Dominica’s journey

03:30 Her major in Economics

04:30 Why Leuphana?

05:30 About Dominica

06:30 About Mexico

10:10 The encountered challenges

15:50 Dominica’s future aspirations

18:15 Her advice to prospective expats

19:00 Outro

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