We’re thrilled to introduce you to Iasmina Tugui from Moldova in our latest podcast episode!

Listen in as she paints a vivid picture of her adventure, navigating cultural nuances, and building bridges across borders. Iasmina’s story is a testament to the enriching experience of embracing diversity. Tune in to this episode for a dose of inspiration and a deeper understanding of the beauty of cultural exchange!

Episode timeline

00:01 Intro

01:05 Iasmina’s introduction

01:40 Iasmina’s motivation behind moving to Germany

03:10 Differences in education between Moldova and Germany

06:00 Her journey with studying German

09:20 Favourite parts about Leuphana

11:00 Moldova

14:30 Financial challenges

16:15 Job hunting

19:15 Cultural differences

21:00 Self-discovery process

22:50 Advice to pre-Germany version of Iasmina

23:40 Future aspirations

26:00 Outro

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