Today, get to know the story of Yauheni – a 20-year-old hailing from Belarus. His academic pursuit in International Business Administration and Entrepreneurship is intertwined with an unusual narrative. Arrested for participating in protests in his homeland, Yauheni shares the challenges of overcoming homesickness and adapting to a foreign environment. Join us for a profound conversation on resilience and the pursuit of education against all odds.

Episode timeline

00:01 Intro

01:00 Yauheni’s introduction

01:20 His previous education experience

02:00 The story of how he ended up in Germany

08:20 His expectations before moving abroad

12:30 Radio tax

14:00 Homesickness

22:40 Yauheni’s tips on adjusting to a new lifestyle

27:00 Unexpected opportunities

28:10 Advices to younger versions of ourselves

29:20 Outro

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